All You Need To Know About Dubai Expo 2020

The huge event of expo Dubai is awaited by many people from all over the world. The event is like a medium for real estate people in Dubai and the whole UAE. It is stated by its official website that this expo event is a festival of human ability.

Expo event 2020 will be the first international event of this scale in the Middle East. The UAE authorities make all of the possible efforts to make this event at the highest level.

According to research during the event more than 25 million tourists will visit the United Arab Emirates. Holding this type of international event in Dubai will be a great stimulus for further development and strengthening of the UAE economy. In November 2013, when Dubai was elected to host for the next World expo between 20 October 2020 – 10th April 2021.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19, the organizing committee of Dubai Expo 2020 decided to delay one year to the world expo. This is due to the global COVID 19 pandemics. The committee agreed to call a delay needed. The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) and the members of global events will have to final say. The event’s managing director, Reem Al Hashemi said, the Tokyo Olympics delayed over a year due to the countries affected by the virus so to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the event asked to be postponed.

The theme of Dubai Expo 2020:

Dubai Expo 2020 theme is about “Connecting Minds, Creating The Future”. Abu Dhabi will host this event where over 192 nations evince. On the numerous initiatives towards expo 2020 including the Expo Live, the Expo School Programme, which is in its way to make a significant impact in Dubai, the UAE and beyond. This expo works towards the new opening door which explores the areas of Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability which helps to achieve their needs and to follow their future goals. These three are the subkey theme of Dubai Expo 2020.


The inviting soul of Expo 2020 Dubai is encapsulated by its mascot family. The enchanted that tree, Salama, investigates two Emirati kin, the curious eight-year-old Latifa and her nine-year-old sibling Rashid. They are guided by three robots – Opti, Alif and Terra – who speak to Expo 2020s three sub-themes – Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. The undertakings of the mascots are the focal point of the arrangement of short movies, all cantered around the Expo’s subthemes.


The Glance ON Architecture:

The Pavilion was designed by the British female designer. Called the “POEM PAVILION” where 25 million visitors will be invited to contribute their inventions to the expo. The cone-shaped pavilion is about 20 meters high where Artificial Intelligence is used to write poems.

“Poetry brings order to language, and machine-learning is a way to weave our voices together without prejudice while following the rhythms of centuries of poetic thought in a range of diverse cultures,” Devlin told Dezeen.


Benefits of Dubai Expo:

According to some analysts and experts in the field of real estate, they conclude that the clear trend of growth in the real estate market will occur in the coming year.

During preparations for the exhibition, the emirate’s economy will rise to a higher level. It is planned to create more than 200 thousand jobs including construction, tourism, and hospitality sectors.

Dubai authorities have concluded that the 2020 transport infrastructure will shift to a new level. It is reported that all the motorways or routes which direct towards the exhibition will be improved with the new structure and some metro lines will be added. Such events can give a powerful impact on the rise of that region.

Purpose of Dubai Expo:

Expo 2020 is the achievement and brilliance of people to show their skills and also to show their achievements. It is the opportunity for people to interact with people from all over the world, to experience some type of skills to learn something new like to experience the best art, people will understand and get help by cheap essay writing service to follow the more cultures, ways of living of other people from other countries. This World Expo is the reason to connect nations, multinationals organizations, corporate, non government organizations and millions of people to connect under one shelter.

Expo 2020 will become a reason for the development of international relations. New doors to the market of many countries will open. And it will help to increase the volume of re-export and export.

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