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Essay About Education In UAE

Education upskills everyone in improvising knowledge, improves the way of living, and enhances social and economic status through life. The education system of UAE was modernized in 1970, divided into two main phases. One is the government education system, and the second is the private education system.

The government education systems deal with all the institutions, established and controlled by the government. The private education system deals with private sectors, which introduce different types of educational systems like the Cambridge education system, introduced by the oxford university England. Every system provides necessary and professional education. Basic education motivates primary, secondary, and higher education, and professional levels include engineering, medical fields, computer services, and commerce.

As per the assignment writing services, in 2017, about 40% of private educational institutes were established. One of the highest priorities of UAE is to educate its men and women. The government has offered free education for men and women till university. The literacy rate by 2019 of both men and women has reached up to 95%. The country has committed to providing quality education in both the public and private sectors. It will help the nation in upgrading its finance and educate its new generation to compete in the worldwide marketplace.

UAE has upgraded its educational level by focusing on improving the English of the nationals. To make sure that UAE students are fully eligible to compete in the market and to attend universities in other countries, there is a government plan “Education 2020”. It will enhance the curriculum from elementary and introduce English language programs, which will help the students to learn through innovative teaching techniques. The government of UAE believes that inadequate skillsets of English have built the most significant barriers for UAE nationals to get a job.

Education in the UAE reflects every aspect. The UAE enjoys its production of crude oil. It is economy depends on the natural resources it has—the rich country sells oil throughout the world, which enhances the economy. Foreign experts are hired at costly rates to run the oil refineries, to deal and construct skyscrapers, to develop industry, to deal with the medical facilities in all over UAE. One of the state Dubai has the honor of a free port. If UAE educates its people to become doctors, engineers, architects, and teachers, they can save a lot of their money and dependency on others. It will be more robust the economy as more nationals will be eligible for the jobs.

To achieve this, the UAE needs to educate its youth and provide quality and upgraded education. The United Arab Emirates government has taken various essential steps to upgrade the country’s education system with the latest improvements towards international standard quality education. They have challenged to prioritize education in the country and improve their education system to attract locals as well as international students. Thereby taking education as a severe development of the country, the upcoming future for nationals is successful.

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