Guide for the Middle East Students – Top 10 Universities

Guide for the Middle East Students – Top 10 Universities


Latest guide for the Middle East Students about the Top 10 universities for achieving top education options.

According to the newly-published edition of 2019, there are 123 regions most reputable institutions for higher education. Before students needed to travel abroad to get a suitable qualification, but the Middle East has focused on providing private and public universities within the states so that students can efficiently study in the same city or countries.

Here are the top 10 Universities,


10- Sultan Qaboos University (SQU)

Located: Oman

SQU (Sultan Qaboos University) was built in 1996, and it was the Sultanate’s solely public university. It was also the first university to give a bachelor’s degree in nursing. This university is located in the old Omani village in Al Khoudh in Muscat. The campus is attractively constructed in the Islamic religious style.

This university holds a 10th in the entire Arab ranking from the year 2019; the university has accomplished high grades among most of the 10 indicators and speeds explicitly up for its primary staff in Ph.D. with an error less score.


9- University of Jordan

Located: Jordan

The University of Jordan is one of the top-leading research universities; it offers more than 161 post-graduate programs in massive subjects of every field which are recognized and supported by globally renowned scholars.

This university has managed the 9th rank in the overall Arab ranking from 2019 and has a good score for its exceptional staff who are Ph.D. holders and has a perfect rating in web impact.  The university has received high appraisals for education and employers’ image.


8- American University in Cairo

Located: Egypt

The campus has a productive environment which is enhanced by palm trees and water fountains, the American University in Cairo was discovered in 1919 and has played its essential role in the educational, social and cultural society of Egypt. It has a core foundation of research, experiencing and teaching in the subject of liberal arts, all undergraduates at this university have built set of courses in the sector of humanities and the natural and social sciences. It is the university’s primary core curriculum.

This university is on the 8th rank in the overall Middle East as per to 2019.


7- American University of Sharjah (AUS)

Located: Sharjah, UAE

The American University of Sharjah was established in 1997. Despite its young experience, this university has gained exceptional fame and is known as one of the fastest-growing academic universities with a top-notch reputation. The campus is considered to be one of the most lucrative in the world. The university in 2019 ranked at the 7th and has hit savage scores for three out of ten categories. The university has hired elite international faculty, Ph.D. holding staff, and welcomes international students every year. All the courses are encouraged to teach in English. If you require cheap essay help, you can search online as all the courses are taught in English, which will save you time and let you concentrate on other majors.


6- Qatar University

Location: Qatar

Qatar University was established in 1979; it is one of the highest grade universities for higher education in the Arab region. The university has gained international popularity and is currently at placing a joint of 332nd in the QS World University Ranking 2019.

In the Middle East, it is ranked on the 6th. The academic performance is excellent in all the ten institutional factors and has achieved the highest scores and gained worldwide fame. Many international students’ first choice is Qatar University.


5- United Arab Emirates University

Location: United Arab Emirates

This university was found by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan in 1976; this university was the first and largest education center for study in the United Arab Emirates. With its mega contributions in the development of the emirates, it has continued the vision of the founder. This university is ranked on the 5th in the overall Middle East and has performed superbly in all ten indicators. The staff is highly qualified with Ph.D. holders, the faculty members with doctoral backgrounds are over 650 as by the study of 2017.


4- King Saud University (KSU)

Location: Saudi Arabia

King Saud University (KSU) was initially named after the founder of Saudi Arabia. This university has made a mega improvement towards the educational sector as today it is the world’s renowned research-intensive institution. It holds a position of 256 among the world’s top 300 universities. In the Middle East, it is ranked among the top 4th. KSU received high appraisal scores 8 out of 10 indicators. It has achieved a flawless mark for having staff with Ph.D. Holders; the campus also provides an international research network that evaluates the diversity of the entire university research collaboration and web impact.


3- King Abdul Aziz University (KAU)

Location: Saudi Arabia.

King Abdul Aziz University is located in the port city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia near the Red Sea. The university was built in 1967 with the ambition to enhance higher education in the country’s western region. It has accomplished a worldwide recognition and stands at a join of 231 in the entire world’s top 300 universities. In the Middle East, it holds a rank in the top 3rd. The university has reached exceptional indicators which evaluate international research network and citations each paper. The latter is also the top highest in the top 10 for the entire category.

Placing third in the Arab region this year, KAU achieves perfect scores for the indicators which measure international research network and citations per paper – the latter also being the highest in the top 10 for the category.


2- American University of Beirut (AUB)

Location: Lebanon

The American University of Beirut is located in the Lebanese capital Beirut, it was established in 1866, and is a private and research-intensive university. The university is offering 120 programs with various faculties, and all of them are taught in English. It is one of the most reputable academic institutions in the entire Middle East. It stands at the 2nd rank in the Arab region University ranking. It has reached 9 out of 10 indicators and has scored an excellent score for its employer’s reputation; it has achieved a perfect score for web impact as well.


1. King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)

Location: Saudi Arabia

The King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) is ranked in the world’s 189th best university in the QS World University Rankings. The Royal Decree established it in 1963. This university offers Saudi Arabia’s most highly-reputable science and engineering programs and, with its prosperous kingdom’s management of petroleum and mineral resources, has acknowledged an exceptional achievement to improve training in the fields of science, engineering, and management subjects. The top Arab region university rank at 1st position in the year 2019. It has one of the highest and elite faculty and students for which it has scored a 10 out of 10. For the research papers per faculty member, it has received an excellent score, which makes the top 1st ranking university in the entire Middle East.

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