Study in the United Arab Emirates – A Guide for International Students

Study in the United Arab Emirates


It is challenging to study abroad for international students. The United Arab Emirates has a massive welcome crowd of international students from all around the globe. It has become famous and popular as a student destination. The country offers more than education; it offers beautiful weather, modern and traditional architecture, and one of the most potent factors the tax-free earning, which has boosted various academic institutions.

UAE has international and state accreditation, which makes them an exceptional choice for UK students. Additionally, the United Arab Emirates University in the city Al-Ain has received recognition in the world university ranking. We will provide some of the vital information including fees and funding that is essential to know before registering for your course in the UAE.



Many universities are providing accommodation for international students; the private student housing accommodation option is also available for students in which they can rent out an apartment or a villa as per their feasibility.

In terms of university courses, the main courses offered in the UK are the same in the UAE educational institutions. Some of the most important studies are engineering, business, and law—all these three promise employments.

The UAE’s total population is 10 million and has a majority of ex-pats. The 15% population consumes citizens, while the remaining part is from different parts of the world. Arabic is the official language. However, English is spoken as the second language and is widely spoken in the entire UAE. Since it is an Islamic state, it might bring your attention to respect the culture in the month of Ramadan, and follow the laws of prohibited things in daylight hours. However, Dubai is entirely a multi-culture city, and a lot of liberal people of different faiths are residing here.




The tuition fees and scholarships for students from abroad are mentioned on every website’s site. You can directly contact the university and receive relevant and authentic information. Every university courses have their entry requirements and application procedure, which can be searched online. You can receive many affordable essay writing services in the UAE if you face any difficulty in the assignments.

The university will provide a student visa, and it will be renewed every year. Depends on the time of your course. Students are also required to submit medical examinations, which can be done by the university panel medical hospital.

Living in UAE is pretty easy, if you are concerned about the food, then it offers a various taste of every country. From Arabic food to Thai, Chinese to American. You will find every taste in this state. The environment is friendly; almost all nationalities are residing here. One of the most benefiting things in Dubai, if you are living there as a student, is the Metro Train that is designed to take you on every tourist spot. You can spend your evening in the Dubai mall, take time off from studying, and visit the Jumeirah beach. The prices of food, traveling, clothing, and other necessities such as groceries are very budget-friendly. You can go for the most expensive ones, and then you can go for the most reasonable shopping options available in the UAE. It is a complete spot-on country developing new techniques to enhance its education and make it better in the entire world.

A fantastic experience and exceptional educational career await you in the United Arab Emirates.

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