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Guidelines: How To Write The Perfect CIPD Assignment

Is it the time to write down your assignment, and you are feeling blank from where to take a start? Writing an academic paper is not complex if you have the right support provided. The assignments are the crucial part of HR or L&D certification in CIPD. We will help you ace the perfect CIPD assignment with the five tips mentioned below.

  • Structure it out

Be prepared for beginners. Know your due date and make sure to schedule it. Have a thorough read of your texts and make notes as you read them. You can have an idea about the initial impressions. Always remember to plan the entire material and schedule it. Have enough timelines, outline, research, and draft before submitting your assignment.

  • Don’t limit

Focus on work and turn away all the distractions. Once you are settled, you can focus on the assignment but still couldn’t get to write it down. Well, this is where you start panicking. Try to calm yourself down if you reach this stage and let your brain subconsciously connect the dots. Try to write with the little information you understood. The more you write, the better it could clear your objectives. The same thing goes for procrastination. It’s done naturally, and your brain diverts the attention from something. It is complicated or tough. However, once you start practicing it, it gets easier.

  • Focus on improving academics

Academic papers have a unique writing style as compare to other writings. They are formal and have critical thinking for developing already produced ideas. When you see sources, the best ones are peer-reviewed materials and more work. Blogs and other sources are not sourced. It means you have to start going through a lot of journals. It may be tiring, but the information would be referred with sources.

  • Cite all of it

Referencing and citing are a crucial part of writing a perfect CIPD assignment. Academic journals and articles provide authentication that your work is valid. The key part is to cite all when you write it down. CIPD assignment uses the Harvard system of referencing. Get used to it as it would be helpful by the end of the assignment.


The deadline or due date is the scariest word. Make sure to stick with the required word count. Before submitting your work, ensure to take a good night’s sleep and go through your entire work. When you read it, and it sounds perfect, you can submit it. Make sure it is properly spell checked, the sources are appropriate and cited, and the entire layout is perfect. For a final check, ask a friend or colleague to go through them.

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