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UAE Rolls Out Remote Learning System – How Effectively It’s Working

In Abu Dhabi, the ministry of education decided to initiate a remote learning system in all over UAE to students of government schools and higher education centers. The ministry of education announced a four-week in which two weeks dedicated to remote learning. The schools are closed in many countries, and knowledge is affected. The educational schools and institutions were closed to stop the virus outbreak between teachers and students.

To ensure that remote learning for students in the UAE is booming, many experiments are done in advance. A unique program has been designed by the educational centers that include the preparation of effective plans between the teacher and student, focusing students of all classes and levels. The ministry of Education UAE has arranged 25,000 teachers for remote working and administrators in the state schools. On the other hand, private school teachers, more than 9200, and principals from the private school to participate in remote learning programs. The program will mainly focus on providing virtual learning tips that ensure the teacher’s abilities to teach students in the new e-learning process. The online learning system in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and many other states students will benefit from it.

Arab and western countries have also announced the implementation of remote learning systems since the educational centers have been affected for many months. This plan includes Egypt and Tunisia. As per UNESCO estimation, COVID-19 has affected 291 million students globally. China, where the virus originated, will soon open its school and universities since the outbreak is in control now, and fewer cases are diagnosed. If you are looking for online best essay writing service, then many teachers will help you write a good essay on the new education journey. It is built on technology and e-learning by using innovative methods to maintain student interest, and tasks are similar to class-activities. Through a remote learning system, students will have a chance to study in the severe crisis of Covid-19.

The digital world has provided a more comfortable platform for distance learning and is accessible to every student in this era. The significant part is that this education through remote systems will be given for free. However, the private sector may charge some amount to provide education in the tough times of COVID-19. Before COVID-19 hit the world, many famous universities were already providing remote learning to their students who are far but would like to apply for these courses. The renowned universities are Oxford, King’s College London, Imperial College London, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, and Yale. In the UAE, the British council is the first educational center to provide its e-learning services with online teachings.

Many students can benefit from this learning system as interesting methods would be used to have students’ attention to learning. At the higher education level, many exciting courses will be offered to help reduce the stress for young people and their mental health. This remote learning system introduced in UAE would give positive results and be cost-effective for the government schools, as well as time-saving and convenient. Students can focus more while learning through the online learning system. It has so much to offer by testing students to manage their learning progress, manage their time, and develop an interest in different fields.

The UAE ministry of education and government has been focusing on e-learning systems for many years, and Mohammad Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program initiated in April 2012 with the ambition of developing the school learning environment with the latest technologies to spread knowledge among many students. Teachers conducting online classes will be trained through a program to handle an online level with students and provide focus on every one of them. The remote learning will provide online curriculum and online activities and books to keep the students upgraded with the latest studying course.

Gaining knowledge and continuing education journey in times of COVID-19 is now easy. Thankfully, the remote learning system will now be available at the tip of the student’s finger, learning is a life long journey, and the rewards are impeccable.

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