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Effect of Corona to Expo 2020 Dubai

Dubai expo 2020 is taking place in the region for the first time. The expo 2020 provided open invitations to the world. The celebrating culture, collaboration and innovation is aiming to provide a meaning and lasting impression.

Dubai expo 2020 will create smarter and better connections between the UAE and other countries. It is the focus to provide sustainability in bringing the balance with the world. This event comes up with an opportunity for unlocking the potentials to build a better world.

In 2020, the outbreak of Covid-19 cancelled significant events around the world, and Expo 2020 Dubai has also fallen underway. As per the essay writing services, the event prepared to receive more than twenty-five million tourists in October to attend one of the world’s largest expo, although, on April 21 2020, the organizers announced that Dubai expo 2020 will be put on hold. The Dubai expo 2020 starting dates are October 20, 2020, and ends after a six months nonstop expo on April 10, 2021.

The one day amount to visit the expo was sold for AED 120, while the three-day visit cost AED 260. Significant discounts of up to 50% on entries for students from aged 6 to 17. As per the essay writing service the expo provides free entries to children below five years and senior citizens from 65 and above. The theme of the entire expo is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, the sub-themes are Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity.

The total UAE spending on this mega event estimated at the US $9 billion, the figures was uncovered by the Dubai Expo 2020 Bureau, the organizers have made a strong statement of the impact that coronavirus will have.

The strongest effects of Covid-19 is that it will have long-lasting effects which could decrease the chances of the mega-success Expo 2020 Dubai had before the virus outbreak. The travel industry and tourism will not recover as before. Travelling will be regular and back in its position by 2023. UAE is the most robust markets, but tourist city as Dubai will face a significant clash as the government has banned the citizens from travelling abroad. Some of Middle East countries have struck by the outbreak of coronavirus including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Oman and Jordan. Most Middle East countries do not have a more robust economy. Therefore, the Middle East economies need to be vital to have a successful event of Dubai expo 2020.

Corona has a severe disastrous effect on expo 2020 Dubai, as it has everywhere throughout the world. During these extreme circumstances, the UAE government is working on various aspects. They are working on virtual promotions like virtual tours, including zoo, concerts, and museums. National Museums of natural history in Washing DC, Paris Grand Palace are some examples. Secondly Bureau international des exposition executive committee has supported the request by the UAE government and Expo 2020’s steering committee to postpone Expo 2020 for a year to 1st of October 2021 to March 2022.

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