UAE 49th National Day Celebration 2020

UAE National Day Celebration Essay – 2nd December 2020

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most blissful countries which acquired accomplishments within a few decades. The rulers dreamed about a developed and world’s hard-working company. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan is the person who raised the value of the entire UAE. In the starting, UAE was just a dry land with sand desserts all around it. Later on, it has been developed into huge, appealing, lucrative buildings and numerous nationalities living and enjoying their lifestyle.

UAE never left its heritage and ancient history behind, it has always promoted its culture. However, it is a business hub for many international countries, but it’s famous for boosting its original culture.

When Is UAE National Day

The UAE National Day is celebrated on 2nd December every day. The residents of UAE praise the ruler of UAE H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan on 2nd December National Day UAE.

National Day UAE Celebration

The celebration theme is “Spirit of Union,” and it has been the same for the last numerous years.

Many disparate events are arranged on the UAE National Day Celebration. The appreciation is paid to the great leader who helped to build this nation and made the success possible by winning its major and minor goals. This exceptional man-made country will be celebrating its 49th Anniversary this year.

There are going to be various ways in which UAE will joyfully celebrate its national day, including air shows, UAE national day arts and crafts stalls, accessories, traditional foods, theme clothing’s and the most amazing part are the display of limited-edition cars. Also, 2nd DecemberUAE fireworks are shown by the media all over the world.

National Day Celebration in UAE

This nation knows how to celebrate its national day and exhibit its worth full arts and crafts, which are essential for UAE. Relevant to this, a massive display of flags are shown. People living all over UAE raise big size flags outside their homes to show the spirit of unity between them. All the things are designed similarly to the flag colors. The emiratis are known as the royalty people, and they portray royal status.

The most appealing show is the sword dances known as Ayyalah, Harbiya, and Liwa organized in the malls of heritage villages. Camel sticks are sometimes used as an alternative to swords. The dancing with the swords in the air is perfect, and catching it back with confidence is really interesting. People from around the world come to the UAE to take a glimpse of its impeccable festivals and events.

2nd December UAE Holiday

UAE has its public holidays for the entire UAE on 2nd December. The 2nd December 1971 UAE is the first time it started celebrating its national day.

How UAE Independence Day is celebrated?

Families give their full participation to enjoy this day with enjoyment. Many plan a picnic, various opt to watch fireworks or go to parks and renowned landmarks. The fun of celebrating national days does not stops. There are many events organized in the entire UAE where competitions are taken place. It has international boat racing, classic car competition, dhow boat racing, and the best-decorated car in flag color. These excite the national celebration between the residents. Abu Dhabi displays all of the above activities and announces winner prices.

Essay writing service has complete detailed information about the 49th UAE national day celebrating essay 2020. Many people in the UAE simply keep themselves busy by decorating the buildings and cars to display their love spirit. The entire national day is celebrating with passion and purity. Many concerts are held in the UAE as a whole to excite the visitors and provide a one of its kind show. For more UAE national day celebration essay, stay updated.

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