Top Most Popular College Sports in the Middle East

Top Most Popular College Sports in the Middle East

The first favorite college sports in the Middle East is Football. It is the world’s most famous sport and the Arab world with no exemption to play this game that is held in almost every country. Football is accessible for every person and is easy to learn and manage. The most popular amid all socio-economic classes and it does not require expensive gear. The children of the Middle East and North Africa grow playing it since their childhood, the nationals are obsessed with football, and when they go to college, this is one of the most picked sports in the whole Middle East. The sport teachers in UAE always bring creative ways to keep the students physically active.

Other sports also hold an essential value in a college for students such as Badminton and Jiu-Jitsu.  However, football is the king of all competitions with a considerable ratio of college football games.

Let’s talk about the Dubai Sports Council Academies Championship,



The Dubai Sports Council Academies Championships initiated three seasons ago and held an event at one location at Dubai Sports City, which was accommodating 50 teams from different 12 academies. In the recent upgrade, it has experienced an extensive growth accommodating 25 academies competing with more than 100 organizations in four different parts of the world with top-notch venues, Dubai Sports City, Al Wasl club, Shabab Al Ahli Club and Shabab Al Ahli Mazmar

The Dubai sports council academies championships are league to enhance the future of the players and the supporters. It is one of the best Football championships in the UAE and is growing every day.



On September 2nd, 2011, it was estimated by the organization that about 55.5% of the entire high school students in the UAE play a sport. By 2020, every educational center host sports events in which all students are asked to participate, and with the increase in competition, all the students play sports with their interest. Football is a national identity for the students of Arab. They pursue their sports career to achieve a place in the most famous academies and play to represent their country.

The best college football student sections are the following; there are official 41 football clubs in the UAE. Where the 14 of them are competing with the top tier division, 11 of these compete in the 2nd tier division, ten of these compete in the 3rd tier division, and six of them are currently in a hiatus.



The launch of the Abu Dhabi Combating club was in 1999, where the first accomplished with massive success with applicants applying from around the world. The event is now known as the largest and most reputable of its kind. The new competition rules were implemented because the event’s success was harder, and it soon branched out from just one location in Abu Dhabi to various other countries. The first world professional Jiu-Jitsu Award was established in 2009 which is five years later with the help of the Abu Dhabi Education Council, Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation, this sport is now played in more than 100 Abu Dhabi government schools from which 40,000 boys and girls benefit.



The BWF Badminton World Federation is an international governing institute for the sports of Badminton, it is acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) which was discovered in 1934 as the International Badminton Federation (IBF) with nine-nation members from Canada, Denmark, England, France, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, and Wales. The BWF has expanded to 176 nation members from around the world.

The Oman assignment help conducted a survey in which it was acknowledged that football is the most popular college sports, many college football championships are awarded to students in their college life. Through this, they can continue their sports career at the university level.

Middle East sports is football, which is also famous for its socio-political values in the entire Arab countries. The governmental bodies have hugely supported the football leagues to more muscular nationalism. The passion between college football games today brings more heat than ten years before and along with this Camel-racing, traditional sports in the United Arab Emirates, which is amazingly famous in the Emirates.

The UAE football has an international representation as in 2008; it was marked as the first World Cup in which four of the Arab nationals qualified, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia. The fans in these countries are crazier than ever. The excitement of football is in every nation of the Middle East. The college students work hard to compete and then opt for playing on national and international levels. It is becoming an identity of every national citizen in the Middle East.

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